Re: [SLUG] Re: Moving from Red Hat

From: Chuck Hast (
Date: Wed Nov 17 2004 - 16:49:19 EST

On Wed, 17 Nov 2004 13:50:20 -0500, Levi Bard
<> wrote:
> > Hmmm. Precisely my point. I will stick with Debian, since everyone
> > else wants to emulate it.
> Agreed - the majority of the spiffy new livecds and the like are
> debian-based for a reason (or several)...
> Debianistas of the world unite!

I like to take Knoppix orMepis and walk into Computa/bustedby/Circuitnity
and pop them into the demo machines and reboot them, draws a quck crowd
and lets you see what the machines can really do and how many of them
support linux. Several fo the computer sales guys in the Circuit City near my
place have downloaded the live cd's to play with at home ( or on the
sly at work)
so it does make for another way to get people hooked on Linux.

Debian rocks, I am learning the in's and outs of it, but the stability is what I
like the most. I have a packet switch up and running at my home, it is based
on Debian, with the amateur radio packages installed so it can function as a
multi-protocol switch/router/swiss army knife of comms protocols... B-]

Chuck Hast 
To paraphrase my flight instructor;
"the only dumb question is the one you DID NOT ask resulting in my going
out and having to identify your bits and pieces in the midst of torn
and twisted metal."
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