Re: [SLUG] Resizing NTFS Partition

From: Tim Wright (
Date: Tue Jan 10 2006 - 20:45:24 EST

On Monday 09 January 2006 10:19 am, Branko wrote:
> > I thought all Compaq's still come with this hidden data
> > partition that stores some kind of system info, and this is
> > invisible to the partitioning utilities
> - Bob
> Levi Bard wrote:
> >
> >
> > Worked for me; ymmv.
> >
> > --
> I had the same problem with a Compaq laptop, trying to install FC3 last
> year. I had used Q-partet and another boot disc (can't remember the
> name, but it was discussed on this list before) without success. Then I
> booted with a Partition Magic (ver.8) disc and was able to repartition
> the HD and install Linux.
> I think Bob is correct, they hide a partition for system info or restore.
> ./B

Thanks for the tips. I'm downloading the ISO for the latest Knoppix (4.0.1) to
try ntfsresize and also tracked down Partition Magic 7.0 as an alternate. The
"trial" version is demo only and won't move data. I didn't think of either
utility and am a little leery because YaST in SuSE 10 failed. It's supposed
to have the lastest ntfsresize in it according to the above link. I'm
figuring that the copy of ntfsresize on Knoppix won't be working behind the
scenes, so maybe I'll see something if it chokes. It'll be a week or two
before I wander down to Port Charlotte to try this all out, and I'll let the
list know how it worked out.

By the way, there is a FAT32 partion on the lower cylinders that contains
backup data, and the volume name is "D_Backup." Windows sees this as drive
D:, and it's contents are hidden. Being on the lower number cylinders leads
me to think that it's not the problem.
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