[SLUG] PDF software

From: Paul M Foster (paulf@quillandmouse.com)
Date: Tue Jan 17 2006 - 18:52:43 EST

Currently I print invoices by generating a data file. I then run a
python script that creates a TeX file, runs latex against it, then
dvips, and finally feeds that to lpr. This system worked perfectly on my
old machine. But I recently gave that machine to my mom and bought a new
machine. Unfortunately, since I installed it a couple of weeks ago, I've
had to reboot it (because it froze) more than twenty times. It appears
to happen when I'm going through this process of printing invoices. I've
broken the process down into steps and done each step by hand, but the
computer doesn't hang when I do that. While I'd like to continue doing
it this way, I'm not sure how to go about troubleshooting this.

So here's my idea: making a PDF, and feeding that to the printer. It
seems like I've run into PHP software that allows you do feed it data
and have it create a PDF (kind of like filling in the blanks). Anyone
know of anything like this that's in something other than PHP? Like
python or C (and naturally, Open Source)?


Paul M. Foster
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