Re: [SLUG] live, command-line distro recommendations

From: Ron Youvan (
Date: Fri Jan 27 2006 - 21:58:05 EST

>> I'm in search of a command line oriented Linux distro that runs off a
>> live CD. I am familiar with SystemRescueCD []
>> and like it a lot. However, it does not appear to be actively
>> maintained at the moment. Does anyone know of a similiar distro? I'm
>> not opposed to distros that do include X but a boot option to refrain
>> from starting X automatically would be needed at the very least.
>> Thanks in advance for your recommendations.

   The 4 CD Slackware set comes with a "live disk" used mostly as a rescue
disk, that boots up in LINUX, not the X system.
   I would think if you are trying to use this all the time you would burn
your own custom CD of a minimal LINUX installation.
   I like to hear why anyone would boot using this system often.

    Ron  KA4INM
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