Re: Now RBL's. Was Re: [SLUG] Sites on IP

From: Richard Morgan (
Date: Tue Apr 11 2006 - 21:58:49 EDT

Quoting Logan Tygart <>:

> This is my final post, to this thread. Agree with me or not. It is my
> opinion, RBL's weed out the IP's maintained by admins, who either do not
> pay attention to their traffic or do not care what their clients are
> doing. My clients enjoy the benefits of such services. If you have an
> IP that is blacklisted and you do not take measures to abate the
> blacklisting, it sucks to be you.

Logan, I'm sure that you're a good admin and everything. However, I
don't know
if you're trying to joke and it's coming across as elitism/arrogance or if
you're really that way.

Blacklists do weed out *some* hosts who aren't willing or can't control their
clients' spamming, but it doesn't solve the problem itself. What we really
need is more accountability in electronic mail. X-foo headers are a
start, but
we really need a better system of verifying senders and tracking.

I'm sure someone's working on it.

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