Re: [SLUG] playing videos oddity

From: Levi Bard (
Date: Wed Apr 12 2006 - 13:43:45 EDT

> > This doesn't happen to be an amd64 build of mplayer, does it?
> >
> > --
> Uh Oh, Not going to tell me something bad, are you?
> Yes it is!

In my experience, 64-bit mplayer will only play a limited subset of
WMV files, even if you have all the codecs installed. I could be
wrong, but I believe the ones it plays are those for which it has some
native codec instead of using the proprietary DLLs. I keep a 32bit
installation of mplayer in order to play media from those who don't
know any better.

Tcsh: Now with higher FPS!

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