Re: [SLUG] A simple script and printing question (?)

From: Macy1 Hallock (
Date: Wed Apr 12 2006 - 22:01:33 EDT

Macy1 Hallock wrote:

> A simple question for our SLUG bash wizards...
> I'm hacking a vendors ancient COBOL program output to print using lpr
> (via cups) in Fedora.
> Given a program output similar to that produced by "cat textfile.txt >"
> If I append the sting "/dev/ttyS01" it prints to the serial port. But
> I want to print using the cups spooler. I can't using lpr, because the
> pipe metacharacter won't function.
> So, how can I print the stdout via lpr under cups, not using a pipe?
> Note that I can't modify the command shown in quotes, I can only
> append to it, and there's a 15 character field limit to boot.
> Ideas, anyone?
Wayne Pollock sent along via email the following useful comments..

The answer may be to setup a named pipe, with mkfifo. Then you start
lpr (with any options you want) reading from the named pipe,
and later you can redirection output to it:

        mkfifo /tmp/prntr

Then to print with lpr and no pipe, repeat for each print job:

        lpr < /tmp/prntr &
        cat file > /tmp/prntr

Hope this helps!

-Wayne Pollock

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