Re: [SLUG] Sites on IP

From: steve szmidt (
Date: Sat Apr 15 2006 - 20:03:55 EDT

On Monday 10 April 2006 02:20, Paul M Foster wrote:
> Two questions:
> 1. Since many sites can share the same IP, is there any way to tell all
> the websites which share an IP?
> 2. Assuming you have a "reseller account" with a hosting company, where
> they give you two IPs for your sites, is it possible or probable that
> they have also given someone else those same IPs? Is this common
> practice or not?

I put together a simple ip to host name lookup and spamhouse check.

You can check it here

All the code is in the page so you use it as you please.
If it returns multiple hosts it will fail in it's current design and either
give an error or no response, I might handle that in a bit.


Steve Szmidt

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