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From: steve szmidt (
Date: Fri Apr 21 2006 - 15:44:37 EDT

On Friday 21 April 2006 13:58, Robert Snyder wrote:
> Get off your damn high horse.

You could get off your ignorant horse yourself, you know.

> C. Please tell me one thing DRM is going to stop me from doing.

To play DVD's and CD's that you otherwise own, when and where you want. To be
able to run software that you choose, without approval of f.ex. MS.

DRM is not about security but to give some chosen entity the ability to
control what you do on your computer. It is ONLY of value in a HIGH SECURITY
environment where the user have NO rights.

MS push this as part of their strategy to keep competition out. If hardware
manufacturer adopts it then you cannot even run an O/S that is not
"approved". Since MS has lobbied in DC to have Linux banned, it's not likely
they would allow an open full featured Linux version, and would promote it as
an O/S for crackers.

Now we are going to stand together and not accept this sort of suppression or
be at the whim of a company that did not even slow down in their
anticompetitive activities since they were convicted of it. Anyone would be a
fool to think Linux will have much of a chance to continue to evolve as an
open O/S if MS can have say in it.

Indeed they quietly announced that they would come out with a solution to the
Linux "problem" a couple of years ago. Since then they have had some success
promoting the adoption of Digital Rights Management.

You can bet your horse you will not be happy if it is ever widely adopted.


Steve Szmidt

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