Re: [SLUG] [PIG] First post

From: Mario Lombardo (
Date: Wed Apr 26 2006 - 23:23:55 EDT

On Wednesday 26 April 2006 21:55, Dylan William Hardison wrote:
> Tonight's meeting was rather not interesting. Especially since (due to
> network outage) I was 20 minutes 'late'. It's really bad being late to
> an online meeting, isn't it?
> Anywho, we had to items of agenda, and not much conversation otherwise.
> Items of agenda were:
> 1) Mailing list
> We decided to use the main mailing list until traffic warrants a seperate
> one. All posts relating to PIG should have "[PIG]" in the subject, as this
> post does.
> 2) The name is indeed "SLUG PIG", for "Suncoast Linux User Group's
> Programming Interest Group".
> So, I'll throw something out there to start discussion.
> If SDL_BYTEORDER and SDL_BIG_ENDIAN are preprocessor constants,
> is GCC smart enough to optimize this if-else expression away?
> I have no idea, and I'm not sure how to test it.
> color = SDL_MapRGBA(dst->format, colorptr[0], colorptr[1],
> colorptr[2], colorptr[3]);
> } else {
> color = SDL_MapRGBA(dst->format, colorptr[3], colorptr[2],
> colorptr[1], colorptr[0]);
> }

What language is that? Ha! The non-programmer speaks.

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