[SLUG] installing linux sata hard disk not detecting !

From: steve szmidt (steve@szmidt.org)
Date: Thu Apr 27 2006 - 07:25:49 EDT

> i need urgent help
> i am having intel processor 512MB ddr ram 80GB sata
> harddisk
> when i install linux sata harddisk is not detecting
> it's getting restart
> anaconda not detecting the sata hard disk
> but i have installed the windows in sata hard disk.
> windows working fine,
> please send me the solutions urgently
> fourdays i am weeping infront of computer.
> (i am having on board pci controller for sata)

Without some information it's not easy to help.

Which distribution are you using, name and version?

What type of motherboard do you have, name and model?

What are you installing from, CD, DVD ?

Did you run the media check to ensure the CD/DVD is not corrupt?

At what point does it fail, what are the last messages Before it crashes?


Steve Szmidt

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