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From: steve szmidt (
Date: Thu Apr 27 2006 - 09:56:05 EDT

On Thursday 27 April 2006 08:19, Russell Hires wrote:
> Hello...
> An important internet related bill is pending vote in the full US House
> in the near future. The bill relates to companies having equal access to
> bandwidth that is provided by telecoms. The bill would allow for
> telecoms to charge more for bandwidth on outbound connections. So that
> way a company like Google would have to pay more than say, SLUG. Or, if
> SLUG wanted people to see its pages faster, SLUG would have to pay
> more.
> This is bad. Please let your Representative, Senators, and friends who
> have Representatives and Senators know that one of the founding
> principles of the internet is in danger.

One of the points to push is that the Internet was funded not by the Telecom
industry but with American tax dollars. They could have put this together but

Be short and to the point with good manners. If possible insert Yes (or) No to
(bill letters and number) in subject line. For example: HR 7665 or SB 1233
(I'm searching for relevant numbers.)

Hmm, I've now been searching through these and there are a number of proposals
floating around, some are defeated and some will go to the Senate. Some are
for and some are against keeping the Internet neutral. I went to Jeff Pulver
who's insights are always valuable. He said in his blog:


 "The Net Neutrality discussion was actually a fairly profound moment in the
history of Internet and Communications policy. Frankly, the vote, 22-34
against the amendment, was not what I found profound. What I really found
interesting was that for the first time, to my memory, there were actually
many members of the Commerce Committee who were able to speak eloquently in
support of Net Neutrality, user empowerment and maintaining the open nature
of the Internet. It was pretty moving at times, and it made me feel as if the
debate was actually evolving and shifting in favor of protecting and
advancing the open Internet. I've got to single out Reps. Markey, Waxman,
Eshoo, Boucher, Inslee, and Wilson (the only Republican to support the
Amendment) for their skilled championing of Net Neutrality. This was a MUCH
closer vote than the vote in the subcommittee just three weeks ago. Combined
with the generally pro-Net Neutrality Hearing in the Judiciary Committee
yesterday, I hold out some hope that, perhaps, the Internet communications
providers have already made some headway in winning the hearts and minds

 "Let's keep up the pressure and the momentum, and let's not forget that the
battle to protect the Internet is a marathon, not a sprint.

So it looks like we have a fighting chance to keep it neutral. (I frequently
lobby the gov and I can share their email addresses:)

Of course fax, letters and phone calls are more effective.




Steve Szmidt

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