Re: [SLUG] Equal Access Bill in Congress

From: petetheisen (
Date: Fri Apr 28 2006 - 01:02:24 EDT

Russell Hires wrote:
> Hello...
> An important internet related bill is pending vote in the full US House
> in the near future. The bill relates to companies having equal access to
> bandwidth that is provided by telecoms. The bill would allow for
> telecoms to charge more for bandwidth on outbound connections. So that
> way a company like Google would have to pay more than say, SLUG. Or, if
> SLUG wanted people to see its pages faster, SLUG would have to pay
> more.
> This is bad. Please let your Representative, Senators, and friends who
> have Representatives and Senators know that one of the founding
> principles of the internet is in danger.

Hi Russell!

Have you a bill number, or a link to the text?


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