Re: [SLUG] stretch screensaver across multiple monitors

From: michael hast (
Date: Sun Apr 30 2006 - 20:03:00 EDT

Sick Twist wrote:
> I've been playing with a Xinerama setup at work the past few days and
> I would like to configure xscreensaver to stretch a single screensaver
> across multiple monitors. I've read the xscreensaver man page and
> searched online but have found no mention of whether or not this is
> currently possible. The following is from the xscreensaver changelog
> which makes it sound like the functionality existed at one point but
> perhaps it has been removed:
> " 4.13 07-Sep-2003
> * On Xinerama systems, xscreensaver now runs one hack on each
> monitor (just like in ``real'' multi-head mode) instead of running one
> hack stretching across all the screens. Note that for this to work
> with any 3rd party screensavers, they must update their ``vroot.h''
> file. "
> I would be very grateful if anyone could share how to achieve this
> with xscreensaver or any other Linux screensaver.
> -Jonathon
It's funny that you should mention this...

I am not running xinerama, but I am running twinview in the nvidia
setup. I am running KDE on Debian. When I go to the screensaver in the
menu (K menu to settings to screensaver), it shows the same hack on each
monitor (however operating independently, which is kind of cool in and
of its own), but when I set up the screensaver through the control
center (appearance & Themes, screensaver), it will, in fact, stretch it
across both screens. I have played with it a little, but I am infantile
in my scripting abilities, so I haven't made much headway at all. Not
that this info will help you, but who knows, maybe it will. I'm looking
forward to a better response on the same question.


BTW--some of the Open GL screensavers look really cool stretched across
both screens. Some others, not so much. And, it's not necessarily the
ones that you would think.

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