Re: [SLUG] broken packages?

From: Eben King (
Date: Mon Mar 17 2008 - 19:15:28 EST

On Sun, 16 Mar 2008, Eben King wrote:

> On Sun, 16 Mar 2008, Eben King wrote:
>> On Sun, 16 Mar 2008, Eben King wrote:
>>> I restored /usr from (yesterday's) backup. Didn't fix X -- I still can't
>>> run startx. Maybe it depends on something in / .
> OK, I did the following:
> restore / and /usr from the backup
> started nvidia driver install (as I have to do every time I boot). It w ants
> glibc header files.
> start aptitude; it says I need to run a dpkg command
> run "dpkg --configure -a"
> run aptitude, install glibc-client-dev. It complains that the version of
> <something> I'm installing (*2002) is not usable by Maildirs but is usable
> by uw-imapd. Since I use pine and have never heard of Maildirs, I told it
> to go ahead.
> nvidia driver install
> startx
> rejoice
> So probably when I try to update mplayer again, this'll happen again. I'll
> just do it from runlevel 1 and maybe it'll succeed.

Nope, didn't. Each time I try to upgrade something related to X (from
runlevel 1), it wants to go through a long uninstall-reinstall procedure on
dozens of packages, which'll probably fail with some file or dir being also
used by another package. At least I found

which says the fix is to do the command "sudo dpkg -i --force-overwrite AAA",
where AAA is the erroring package.

And after that whole mess, it'll get hung up on something, so I'll restore /
(which does not include /home) and /usr from backup. BTW, something
modified /etc/fstab to replace human-readable text like "/dev/hda2" with
ugly things like "UUID=0d752d5b-c9e0-4e2c-a105-acde6c0853c8" which played
merry hell with my system; since I backup by copying hda -> hdb, the
corresponding partition on each drive has the same UUID.

Eventually I'll get tired of having no gdm (gone, apt mandates that
rigamarole to install it) or of Firefox being version 1.5 and I'll try

Even after everything, /etc/issue still proclaims this system to be 'Ubuntu
5.10 "Breezy Badger"'. :-)

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