Re: [SLUG] no sound, but fixed

From: Chris Mathey (
Date: Sat Mar 29 2008 - 06:34:07 EST

Eben King wrote:
> Here's an easy way to fix things that might work.
> Sound died on my machine without a good reason. I hadn't done anything
> but start a movie in mplayer which hung and wouldn't exit, so I rebooted
> (nicely) to regain control. Afterward, sound wouldn't work in X. I
> have a script that watches the web server's log file and plays a *ding*
> when I get a hit. While no sounds worked in X (mixer did, but aplay
> hung) I heard a *ding* when X exited on the way down.
> Reboot, no change. Shut down/boot up, no change. Then I remembered
> that sometimes hardware gets into a weird state and won't reset until it
> loses power, and that the PCI(e) bus is kept "hot" even when the
> computer's turned off, to allow wake-on-LAN. So, I shut down, *turned
> off the power supply*, waited until it died, then brought it back up.
> Voila, sound.

Good tip. I have had to do that when installing a new PCI card once.
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