Re: [SLUG] What would you use?

From: Matthew Rogers (
Date: Sat Mar 29 2008 - 20:20:26 EST

Ncurses ;-)

Bill Glidden wrote:
> Talk amongst yourselfÖ Iíll give you a topic:
> Suppose you were tasked with developing a Linux-based application that
> needs a very snappy, very responsive GUI front-end. What would you use
> to build this GUI and why? By responsive, I mean that if I click on a
> button, I need to redraw at least half of the screen within 1 second.
> More specifically this would be a kiosk application. The objective is
> to present information as fast as possible to the user. Iím showing my
> age here, but I still miss the days when I would do DOS programming
> and just write to video memory. That was **fast**! Thatís the kind of
> speed Iím looking for.
> Discuss!
> Thanks for any opinions.
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