Re: [SLUG] Has anyone heard anything about Mepis lately.

From: Pete Theisen (
Date: Sat Aug 02 2008 - 23:13:19 EDT

Michael Richards wrote:

> I have been using Mepis for a while now. I am presently using 6.0 and
> figured that it was about time to upgrade.
>> This stuff came right up:
>> Warren had some back problems a few years ago but I think he is better
>> now. Looks like he is letting the "Linux community" run MEPIS for now.
>> May could be the date of the most recent post, the testing release is
>> more recent, however, today - in fact. Someone is working on it.

Hi Michael!

If you use a new MEPIS version please post your experience. The real
MEPIS info man on this list is ROBLIMO so perhaps he will weigh in.


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