Re: [SLUG] pine folders

From: Paul M Foster (
Date: Mon Aug 11 2008 - 13:00:30 EDT

On Mon, Aug 11, 2008 at 10:05:39AM -0400, Eben King wrote:

> On Mon, 11 Aug 2008, Paul M Foster wrote:
>> On Mon, Aug 11, 2008 at 02:59:58AM -0400, Eben King wrote:
>>> Is there a way with Pine to move a message from a folder back into the
>>> general mailbox (~/mbox)? I only see a way to move it to a specific
>>> folder.
>> My incoming folder is at /var/mail/paulf. My general mail folders are at
>> /home/paulf/Mail. What I do to allow this kind of thing is to set up a
>> symlink from /home/paulf/Mail/paulf to /var/mail/paulf. That way, I can
>> just copy stuff from anywhere in the ~/Mail hierarchy to my main
>> incoming folder at ~/Mail/paulf. I use mutt, not pine, but they're
>> similar.
> Good idea. Works, sorta. However, I'm trying to transfer a message that
> was improperly deemed spam. (It's one of those notifications from CNN for
> I don't know what, since I've never signed up for any such thing. But
> until
> it's dealt with, it's not spam.) Whenever it reappears in ~/mbox, it's
> re-evaluated by spamassassin and again misclassified as spam, so it gets
> put
> right back in the place it came from.
> Maybe I should add it to the whitelist until I get it dealt with?

Well, there are normally two ways the mail line goes:

1) You make your MUA (Pine) go fetch mail, which it then gives to
spamassassin. You may also have procmail filing mail in various folders
under ~/Mail or wherever.

2) You set up a cron job to have fetchmail suck down mail and pass it
to procmail, and have procmail sort the mail and hand off some of it to
spamassassin, which flags it and puts it wherever it's supposed to go.
(This is the way I do it, except I've taken to using bogofilter.)

It sounds like what you're saying is that if you simply copy a message
from /var/mail/eben to ~/mbox, it triggers spamassassin to evaluate the
message. Are you *sure* that's what happens? In Pine, you should be able
to copy a message from one folder to another, just by telling it to copy
it, and spamassassin shouldn't be involved on just a message copy.

Yeah, you can temporarily whitelist it, I suppose. But I'd be interested
in seeing what your email plumbing looks like.


Paul M. Foster
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