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From: Eben King (
Date: Sun Aug 31 2008 - 19:09:48 EDT

On Sun, 31 Aug 2008, Chris Mathey wrote:

> Eben King wrote:
>> (Short) Can anyone recommend an 8-position switch? I probably should
>> spring for 100 MHz signaling rate this time.
>> (Long) Not counting Verizon's in-home router, I have two 4s; the first is
>> 10 MHz (no NAT; is it therefore a hub?), and the second is the same as
>> Verizon's and I intend to move it when DD-WRT is released for it. (Yes,
>> that's right folks, from things on the last one, there's three _things_
>> before the packet leaves the house.) Anyhow, of the seven ports I have
>> available under my desk, I've used six. So I'd like to replace switch/hub
>> #1. Suggestions?

> Hubs are deprecated. You probably won't find them anymore (ebay of course).
> The reason being is that they are merely simple repeaters. A frame seen on
> one port is repeated to every port on the device. They also can only utilize
> half duplex operation

I'm not looking for one; I'm just thinking what I have _is_ one.

> A switch learns all the MAC address that are connected to it. If a frame
> enters a switch with a destination MAC address located on that switch, it
> will be sent to that port. All other ports on the device won't see that
> frame.

How does one do sniffing in such a situation? Will VM such as VMware still

> Personally I like Netgear prosafe products. Their consumer grade stuff has
> been very reliable and well built IMO.
> Also... spend a couple more bucks and go gigabit.
> (8 port
> gigabit netgear $49)

Given the quality of the run through the attic, I don't think I'd get a
gigabit connection. Also, the pipe out to the net is much slower, estimated
to be below 10 Mbps given the fastest download I've seen (~900 KB/s).

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