Re: [SLUG] Ximian..

From: Andrew Wyatt (
Date: Fri Jun 08 2001 - 07:06:19 EDT

I've been running ximian gnome since it's inception, It feels kind of
bloated when using it's desktop.. I can't really compare it to anything
else though, you would have to use it yourself. I will say that 1.2 was
faster than 1.4. I found a happy medium with Ximian 1.4, WindowMaker,
and GNUstep from I have run the online installer at least a
dozen times on a dozen different machines, and haven't had any problems.


On 07 Jun 2001 22:30:34 -0400, Jason Pratt wrote:
> Well.. I ran xvidtune and it seemed to do the trick I have yet to return
> to Linux so I can't say if it's permanent :) I will let you know. But
> anyways.. I checked out the Ximian website and was wondering, has anyone
> tried Ximian? If so, what are your thoughts. How much different is it
> than from the vanilla version of GNOME. What are the positive points on
> Ximian and what are the negative aspects of it.
> Also, is it safe to run the online installer that Ximian can be
> installed from?
> Thanks...
> jason

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