Re: [SLUG] E-Mail Problems

From: Russell Hires (
Date: Fri Jun 22 2001 - 09:10:52 EDT

> I think I am just going to
> switch over to Earthlink-Mindspring DSL
> this will get my high speed , and I have not heard to many problems with
> Earthlink-Mindspring DSL service.
I've been watching the dupes-problem from my Earthlink DSL account with some
interest. I haven't had any, and didn't see much reason to cause more
dupes...the only problem I have with earthlink, though, is that they require
the use PPPoE, which has been a real pain from time to time. You can easily
get software for it, but lately I've been using the "Testing/Woody" distro of
Debian, and the boot floppies made it very clear to me that I don't like
PPPoE, mainly because of that fact that PPPoE is a ppp, which means
authentication, and I haven't made the switch to 2.4 yet, which has an
experimental module for PPPoE. <whew!> Anyway, I get 80kB per second whenever
I do my nightly "dist-upgrade" ... not bad, I think.


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