Re: [SLUG] What is a good printer?

From: Chuck Hast (
Date: Sat Nov 03 2001 - 23:26:20 EST

On Saturday 03 November 2001 21:42 L, you wrote:

> The wife's Lexmark 1100 was "a gimmee" and worth every penny. That's the
> only Lexie I have any experience with. By now the original poster has
> already bought a printer.
> Hey ... guy ... yeah, you with the brand new printer ... whudja get?
> If, after getting us to give him a fairly full education about bottom -
> end printers, he got a full-duplex, dye-sublimation, 30 page a minute
> monster so help me I'm gonna crawl through this wire until I find him and
> TAKE that printer! :-))))))

You wish, I did not get anything. Seems that I needed to come up
with some more bux for some flooring, so much for the printer.

But indeed it was a education. Now to see where I can get the shekels
for the one you described up there, now THAT is a printer.

By way from my services file
port service
60069 teleporter #Transporter teleporter port
My ipchains file
-A input -p tcp -s 0/0 -d 0/0 60069:60069 -y -j DENY
No transporter gonna get through MY wires... Not only that the body just
gets dropped in the bit bucket...

Chuck Hast
To paraphrase my flight instructor;
"the only dumb question is the one you DID NOT ask resulting in my
going out and having to identify your bits and pieces in the midst of
torn and twisted metal."

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