Re: [SLUG] Dial up security

From: R.G. Mayhue (
Date: Mon Nov 05 2001 - 10:51:36 EST

On Monday 05 November 2001 09:02 am, you wrote:
> We have a dial in line that is used from remote sites when access
> to the internet is not available. How do I secure that serial port
> on my linux box from intrusion? The site calling can be different
> computers from different locations, but no more than 5 or 6 over
> time.
> If you were to call right now you would get a login prompt,,,
> Uggghhh.
> I have closed down all the usual and unnecessary logins in
> /etc/passwd, but am concerned that someone may find a way to login
> anyway.
> Michael C. Rock

If you know the phone numbers of the connecting computers and you
have Caller-ID and a Caller-ID capable modem you should be able to
use mgetty to monitor the incoming calls and only answer if the
number(s) match.

You can find more info here:

Hope that helps :)

R.G. Mayhue

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