Re: [SLUG] SuSE 7.3 retail

From: Mario Lombardo (
Date: Tue Nov 13 2001 - 00:05:28 EST

Scot, that sounds great! One of the benefits of being a celebrity ;^)
is you get to choose your location as well (in case PWC is really that

I'm sure if you hold off till next meeting, the word will spread. Paul
F. and Ed C., if the choice is Tampa, do you think we could add him as a
special event for the December 12 meeting? I think this might intrigue
some people that haven't taken advantage of the listserver and rather
just look at the website for news, etc.

Mario wrote:

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> Me too. I think a demo would have lots of us swarming! I'd even drive
> to Sarasota to see this.
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>Ok I can do it...but it won't be for this meeting...For one, PWC is pretty
>far from me...Two i'll be working ... three, if I am going to go to next
>month's meeting I need to clear it with my administrative advisor (Mrs. Mc
>Pherson) first because she would literally need to take that day off from her
>job to watch the kids (hey, neither of us make as much as we once did)...It's
>no big deal, I just need warning.
>Scot Mc Pherson

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