Re: [SLUG] Debian Drive Mounting

From: Maurice Wilson (
Date: Tue Sep 16 2003 - 06:51:52 EDT

Levi Bard wrote:

>OK, I assume you're running GNOME or KDE, and the problem lies in an
>inconsistency between the desktop file manager and your /etc/fstab. The
>error message shows that it's trying to either mount to /mnt/cdrom or read
>/mnt/cdrom when you click the icon. However, the cdrom line in your fstab
>is showing that the default mount point for your cdrom is /cdrom , not
>/mnt/cdrom . Does /mnt/cdrom exist on your system? If not, I suggest
>creating it, by either making a directory with that name, or, better yet,
>making it a symbolic link to /cdrom (`ln -s /cdrom /mnt/cdrom`). Same
>thing with the floppy and whatever else.
>Thanks Levi
Remember you are talking to somewhat a newbee here so I need to know
where to create the directories or better yet to put the symbolic link

(`ln -s /cdrom /mnt/cdrom`) Maury

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