[SLUG] Webmail and self signed SSL certificate

From: Douglas Koobs (dkoobs@dkoobs.com)
Date: Wed Jan 28 2004 - 10:40:31 EST

I have finally installed a self-signed SSL certificate on my mail server
at home, and it works great for webmail (using Squirrelmail). However, I
have 2 questions:

What are the security concerns with using a self signed certificate
instead of one signed by Thawte or Verisign? I'm assuming that since the
only people that use this server are my family and friends, and they all
trust me, that there is no need for an expensive signature.

How difficult would it be to incorporate the same certificate into UW
IMAP, so that any IMAP connections that don't use webmail are secure? I
would also like to do this for the Cyrus IMAP server at work.
Authentication for Cyrus is a big mystery to me, but I would like to add
SSL to encrypt the sessions. Thanks!


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