[SLUG] Thinking ahead

From: Bob Stia (rnr@sanctum.com)
Date: Fri Nov 05 2004 - 00:55:00 EST

Hello Sluggers,

You all may recall that a few weeks ago I asked about hardware, prices, etc.
for a new machine I wanted to build. After much investigation, searching and
so on, I settled on a "barebones" set up from Monarch. New case, lots of
fans,460 w PS, an AMD Athlon 64 +3500 on an MSI K8T MB and a gig of ram, a
new Nec DVD +-RW/CDRW and a Sony 32x52 CDRW, plus a "break-in" testing for 3
days, 2 year warranty and shipping for $950. Anxiously awaiting it's arrival
about the middle of next week.

I already have my shiny new SuSE 9.2 pro sitting here in a box waiting for it.

Point of all of this? Trying to think ahead at what problems might arise.
Running SuSE 8.2 right now and have backed up all of the file that I think
are important. I will reuse my current HD's and put them in the new box.

There are some major differences between 8.2 and 9.2 Kernel of course. from
2.4 to 2.6. RPM from 3 to 4, user id from 500 to I000 ?, and I understand
they have moved some files/directories around. Plus I will be changing from
32 bit to 64 bit to further complicate matters. So, I am thinking fresh
install vs upgrade. Maybe less problems. Anyway I want to change the fs on
some of my partitions and/or resize them.

I am going to try and restore my /home some of /user/local/ some of /etc/
and another partition named /data which only contains jpegs, mp3's, etc. (no
problem) I hope. Already running KDE 3.3 which I think comes with 9.2, so
maybe a complete restore of /home will work ??

So what do the Sluggers think?? Any more bases to cover, any "gotchas" that
you may see? etc. etc. Your opinions and expertise are very much respected
by me. I want your input.

Thanks Sluggers,
Bob S.
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