Re: [SLUG] Alsamixer

From: Eric Jahn (
Date: Mon Nov 29 2004 - 09:12:34 EST

On Monday 29 November 2004 02:48 am, Bob Stia wrote:

> Anybody here that can make the CD's sound right using alsamixer ???

With Suse, what usually gets me with audio CDs is that in KMix, in the "Input"
tab, that the CD input gas a green light (turned on) with volume. I fiddled
a lot in 9.1 with Kmix, Alsamixer, etc, and it was really tricky and the only
thing that reliably worked was Kmix. Make sure also that all the other
inputs are off (red light) in Kmix. One time, I had the mic on and it made
everything, like CDs, sound faint. Turn up the PCM to say 2/3 all the way in
output. Also, it sounds like your 3D control should be closer to 1/2
position, because that will make voices sound ghostly if set incorrectly.
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