Re: [SLUG] usb thumbdrive AAARRGH

From: Ron Youvan (
Date: Thu Jan 05 2006 - 22:19:36 EST

>>- Check that your USB thumbdrive is properly formatted and that you
>>have USB mass storage support in your kernel.

> Yes, as modules. The drive works fine in OS X and XP. I also have
> another thumb drive that does work on this linux box. This sony one is
> just bunk. Although the usb-storage driver homepage lists it as
> supported and the driver seems to load.

>>- Most USB drives do not have a partition table and will mount
>>directly as /dev/hdx or /dev/sdx, etc.

> I thought that was the common case. Unless you hack it and custom
> partition it. If you look at the syslog messages in the previous post,
> it shows it's trying to attach as /dev/sdb. It just never gets there in
> the end.

   sg3_utils includes sg_scan -i which will identify all SCSI including
USB devices (not any hubs or controllers) with their /dev/ identify.
Usually thumb drives and camera flash memory cards (in readers or in cameras)
wind up being /dev/sg1 through /dev/sg4 the drivers (modules) are necessary,
as others mentioned.

    Ron  KA4INM
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