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From: steve szmidt (
Date: Tue Apr 11 2006 - 00:36:09 EDT

On Monday 10 April 2006 22:41, Paul M Foster wrote:

> The problem is this: periodically, we get blocked by spamhaus, spamcop
> or the like. This doesn't happen because of our activities.

Yes, I'm too aware of this dilemma.

> You may ask (as my previous hosting company did) why I don't use the
> SMTP server for my ISP. Simple. Almost since the beginning of my being
> on the internet, I've used *this* email address.

Well the point here is that you own the domain and you can have it do email on
any server you want/choose to. Regardless of where you host your web site. No
reason to loose your email address. It's a simple matter of a MX record. All
you need is a good place to do your email through. (See below.)

> Of course, you could say it's my own fault for not springing for
> dedicated hosting, and you'd be right.

Yes, it can get very costly. I'm just looking at setting up another hosting
service in Bradenton with a connection I have there, for my customers.
Right now I'm waiting to see what the cost will be... (It has potentials
because of us servicing the owners of the NOC, and them having a small but
sweet NOC (Network Operations Center, for those not familiar with the

Right now I'm operating out of Los Angeles, where I started and built ISP's. I
have ssh access in to my domains and can configure anything almost any way I
want. But they are getting really busy and I have experinced the same
phenomena with blocked email when I try to reach a client.

One thing is that it will really not make a difference who else is on your IP.
The knowledge is not something you can use.

Anyway, I might very well be able to set up a good hosting solution that many
can share. I'll follow up on this here as soon as I do.

Others can let me know if you have a similar need. (Cost effective hosting of
part or all of your web services.)


Steve Szmidt

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