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From: Eben King (
Date: Sun Apr 16 2006 - 19:11:08 EDT

On Sun, 16 Apr 2006, steve szmidt wrote:

> On Sunday 16 April 2006 17:55, Eben King wrote:
>> I got an LCD monitor a while back. It uses DVI (as most LCDs do), and
>> since I didn't see a cable with it (cheapskates, I said to myself), I
>> ordered one.
>> Yesterday, someone was breaking down the box, and lo and behold, there was
>> a brand-new, still-wrapped DVI and VGA cables in there. So I didn't need
>> to buy one after all (well maybe, because of the length at the time), and
>> the ill will toward Samsung was unfounded.
>> Anyhow, is there any difference _in picture quality_ between one DVI cable
>> and another? What makes one better, if so? I realize there can be a
>> difference in end construction, cable {flexi,dura}bility, etc. I was just
>> wondering if there's a good reason I should swap a working cable for this
>> one.
> I've never done a visual comparison with two seperate cables so I don't know
> how noticable it is.
> DVI is a new standard that was developed to maximize resolution on flat panel
> monitors. Whereas VGA was developed with CRT's in mind. A CRT is analog while
> DVI is digital.
> So in short a DVI cable should be better, but again it comes down to what you
> can see.

Sure. But if I see no fault now, there's no reason to change, right?

> If one looks better than that's what I would use. (Though in all
> honesty I cannot imagine that you would have a worse picture from a DVI setup
> than from VGA.)

I wouldn't consider using the analog cable. I guess they only included it
in case $USER doesn't have a DVI-capable card. The only question in my mind
is "stock or aftermarket DVI cable", and whether the difference is enough to
warrant ripping open the package, clambering behind the desk, groping behind
the computer, etc.

> In general a shorter cable is better. But a good long cable can easily be
> better than a short bad one.

Yeah. I had a cheap VGA extender once. Looked like my CRT was haunted,
there were so many ghosts. Advice: Don't go cheap on VGA cables.

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