Re: [SLUG] Novell's CTO Blog - new entry

From: Levi Bard (
Date: Fri Apr 21 2006 - 15:22:05 EDT

> a. DRM has not stopped me from doing anything I would not normally do with a
> CD except burning 100 copies of the same songs at one time.

I can't comment on this, because I'm not going to speculate about what
you would normally do with a CD...

> b. I take it from machine to machine and even have them on a network share.
> C. Please tell me one thing DRM is going to stop me from doing.

DRM probably won't stop grizzled geeks from doing anything in the long-term.

DRM is going to stop naive consumers from:
Experiencing their legally purchased content with "legitimate" free software
Experiencing their legally purchased content with older,
"illegitimate" players. Note, this is not the same thing as "I can't
play mp3s on my phonograph!" It's, "I can't play CDs on my CD
Having a single media player that will play all their content.

Worst of all, current DRM is just the first step down a long, slippery
slope of letting companies buy laws that dictate consumers' use of the
content they own.

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