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From: Levi Bard (
Date: Mon Apr 24 2006 - 12:03:02 EDT

> But it does not say that everyone has lost interest in it. The problem is
> that everyone is used to everything being FREE and OPEN that now they are
> thinking communistic thoughts like Richard Stallman and feels every
> convieveable thing should be free and open.
> I dont care to call DRM, DRM but under it orginal name Content Protection
> Security. I say Content Proctection Security, and people dont seem to mind
> as much as saying DRM as the open source community has simply turned DRM
> into a dirty word.
> Personally we all know the artist does not get the money, and the cd sales
> etc goes in the pockets of the RIAA and the record label. But still stealing
> is stealing does not matter if you steal from Bill Gates House or some hobo
> on the street. One is not better than they other simply because one can
> afford it. While I am not happy or saying DRM is wonderful DRM is great.
> What I am saying DRM is a necessary evil.

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