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From: Jason Boxman (
Date: Mon Apr 24 2006 - 16:23:36 EDT

steve szmidt wrote:
> On Monday 24 April 2006 14:36, Jason Boxman wrote:
>> steve szmidt wrote:
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>> > Taking something which is not yours is still theft, just not as bad as
>> > other crimes. Haha. Not calling it theft is just plain silly. Many other
>> > people like to alter the name to try to lessen their crime. But theft is
>> > still theft
>> > whatever you call it.
>> Not really. Depriving another individual of a physical object is a very
>> different scenario. Allowing copyright infrigement to be labeled theft
>> makes it easier to assign ridiculous criminal punishments and a heightened
>> sense of urgency.
> True, all money is ours, but it still does not remove it from being theft.
> The
> ethical definition of theft has nothing to do with stopping someone else
> from
> using something but taking something which is not yours.
> It's just a popular attempt to minimize the crime. You take something form
> someone who can reproduce it instantly. Or don't even care that you did.
> The ACTION was stealing. Theft.

And yet no individual has been deprived of anything. Funny, that.

You can argue morality until you're purple.

> You can try to rationalize it, put spins on it but you still took something
> which was not yours. The fact that the owner does not care does not alter
> what you DID.

Not unlike when I enjoy Disney's fireworks from afar in Orlando? Theft!

> It has nothing to do with what or whom, it's the act in itself. The sort of
> juvenile discussions from students trying to rationlize away their actions.
> Digital progress did not alter that. We put copyrights in place to give the
> owner a chance to benefit from his work. Has nothing to do with whether it
> was digital theft or phgysical theft.
> That argument only shows that someone is morally inept.

There's plenty to go around. No work from this century will ever grace the
Public Domain.

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