Re: [SLUG] newsreaders

From: Mario Lombardo (
Date: Wed Mar 12 2008 - 14:03:29 EST

Eben King wrote:
> On Wed, 12 Mar 2008, Mario Lombardo wrote:
>> Ron Youvan wrote:
>>>> What newsreader do you recommend that has yenc and uu support
>>>> (base-64 is not so common ISTM)? I have Thunderbird but can't see
>>>> a way to do it. trn has the same level of support but is easier to
>>>> make it DTRT by virtue of it being textual. Both suck, however.
>>> I like and use pan, the latest version allows a directory be assigned
>>> to each group and a changeable field.
>> Ehhh couldn't help myself. I've been away from Usenet for quite some
>> time.
> I'm thinking I'll go for Pan. Its home page
> ( proclaims it to be "a newsreader for
> GNOME". Will it work without GNOME? Anyone use it that way? I use no
> environment, fvwm2 alone.
I'm speculating it will since it runs under Mac OS X under X11, which
has nothing about GNOME or otherwise:


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