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From: Daniel Jarboe (
Date: Tue May 26 2009 - 10:27:07 EDT

> "I'm sorry, but this is just flat out wrong on so many levels...Dual(or
> is very common... exhibit A: factory recovery partitions."
> What? Hold on me head hurts......... OK here we go.... Sure you CAN make
> work, but prepare for tons of config file editing and TONS of manual user
> management. Wait a sec.... factory recovery partitions? Dual boot?
> the spirit of this conversation and not user managed.
> Dual boot is NOT common between Linux distros. Most distros offer some
> of auto configuration to work with Windows and have very little if any
> for other Linux distributions.

Tell your Linux installater to write the boot-loader in the partition
instead of the MBR. As each distro updates, it updates its own grub config
in its own partition... not stepping on each other. Maybe there are some
obscure distros that insist on overwriting your MBR, but all the majors
offer the option to write it to its own partition.

I read your claims about tons of "manual user management"... and in the next
few sentences you go on to claim factory recovery partitions are not in the
same spirit as dual-boot because it is "not user managed". That's exactly
the whole point... there isn't this big manual user management that you keep
claiming as long as you install your other bootloaders in their own
partitions... exactly like is done for factory restore or any other similar
configs. I'm not sure I understand what you are saying is wrong with
that... it doesn't count because it's too easy? Why make it hard on

It takes more work and planning if you want multiple linux distros to share
the same grub configuration... so don't do it that way. Do it the normal
way, each installation managing its own grub config. You can have a single
one manage the MBR grub installation that points to the others, or just a
generic MBR grub config that does nothing but chainload the different
partition bootloaders. The different installations don't need to know
anything about each other, so this notion of distros with little support for
other distros is true but irrelevant.

~ Daniel

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