Re: [SLUG] Nvidia GeForce FX5700 256 setup on Ubuntu 9.04

From: Pete Theisen (
Date: Sun May 31 2009 - 21:44:34 EDT

Eben King wrote:

>>>>> Gentoo, in my experience, does everything the hard way. Ubuntu, on
>>>>> the other hand, has a lot of default handling built into the
>>>>> kernel. Or so they say, and I hope!
>>>> There were two main ways of doing dual-headed configurations.
>>>> Xinerama, and some other method that hadn't been around as long.
>>> "Twinview"
>>>> I picked Xinerama -- even though it was harder to do -- in case the
>>>> other method turned out to be a flash in the pan. I didn't want to
>>>> risk ending up with an orphaned configuration.
>> Indeed. They say it is either or, at times I have tried to do both - I
>> have used this box with Gentoo (set up by a friend who had a devil of
>> a time), Mepis (which is easy but is not real compatible with a lot of
>> packages), Debian (which I couldn't get to work) and now Ubuntu (which
>> was working before I rebooted).
>> A decent time has elapsed for comments, I am going to try it tonight.
> It took me a while to get this machine's video working. At the time, I
> thought it was the double heads giving me grief, now (what with my
> so-far-inability to make the DVR work) I think it might be inherent to
> Nvidia. All I want on the DVR is _one_ screen. OK, it goes through an
> adapter and a stereo before it hits the TV, but still.

Hi Eben,

I read somewhere in all these websites and documents that you can have
only two outputs at a time from the nvidia card. A monitor and a TV, or
two monitors. If you want more you need another card, or maybe if the
motherboard has built in video you can drive a monitor from that.

Just what I read. Can't remember where.


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