[SLUG] file that can't be deleted by root

From: Daniel Holth (dholth@fastmail.fm)
Date: Sun Sep 14 2003 - 22:14:08 EDT

Hello. My reiserfs root partition has a file: /tmp/.X11-unix/X0 that I
can't seem to wipe. (I've just moved the parent directory to something
innocuous so it doesn't prevent X server zero from starting.)

root@bluefish:/var/tmp/X12-unix# ls
ls: X0: Permission denied
root@bluefish:/var/tmp/X12-unix# stat X0
stat: cannot stat `X0': Permission denied
root@bluefish:/var/tmp/X12-unix# rm -rf X0
rm: cannot remove `X0': Permission denied

It looks like filesystem corruption but I wonder if any of you have
other ideas. Kernel 2.4.21.

- Daniel Holth

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