Re: [SLUG] Samba and Win2k Printing problem

From: Scott Piper (
Date: Tue Sep 16 2003 - 12:16:55 EDT

Just a wild guess, but maybe the printer doesn't have enough memory for
the page and it hangs. Try printing a large full page graphic and see
if you get the same result.


Austin Theen wrote:

>Hi All,
>I've been having a problem on a samba server for the past few weeks
>that's really been bugging me. I have mixed clients of Win98 and Win2k
>being served from a samba 2.2.7a box. the server has a hp laserjet 5
>hung off lp0 and shared with cups & samba. everyone prints fine (test
>pages and documents).
>except every once in awhile the win2k box tries to print large documents
>(usually multi-page faxes) that hangs the print queue. I've upgraded
>cups to the latest and samba doesn't mention any print updates to 2.2.8a
>so I'm thinking its a configuration issue. I'm stumped, I've googled for
>any error or solution and can't find anything.
>I've set them up to be able to remove the offending job from the print
>queue with the cups web interface, but that's not a solution, its a hack
>to get it back working.
>Anyone got any ideas what I can do?

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