Re: [SLUG] Video cards again again again...

From: Mike Branda (
Date: Sun Jan 08 2006 - 22:47:35 EST

On Sun, 2006-01-08 at 18:04 -0600, michael hast wrote:
> Now that I'm getting down to some serious price comparisons on video
> cards (just about settled on Nvidia, although I've enjoyed ATI until
> now), I've noticed that a lot of the multiple-output cards have maximum
> res. that heeds questioning. For instance, the eVGA FX5500, says that
> it is capable of 2048x1536x32bitsx60Hz max. in analog. 1600x1200
> digital. I plan on running two 21" CRT's on this bad boy at 1600x1200
> each. Is this going to do it for me, or do I need something with more
> power? I suppose that the question is: Is the rating per channel, or
> cumulative? Plus, 2048x1536=3,145,728 (advertized max.) <
> 1600x1200(eacn monitor)x2(monitors)=3,840,000. Does that mean that it
> wouldn't work, or am I way off in left field on my rationalization?

The key thing I've found that matters (outside of the supported res and
gpu and such) is onboard dedicated video ram. if you get a 128mb or a
256mb card you'll be fine. 64mb is pushing it for dual head and I think
you'll hate the performance.

Another question is are your CRT monitors digital/DVI or VGA? If
they're VGA and you are using the DVI to VGA adapter, then the res isn't
really an issue. 21 inchers at 1600....hmmm you might really want the
256 card. Are those Viewsonics by chance? Just a curious guess.

Mike Branda Jr

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