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From: michael hast (
Date: Mon Apr 24 2006 - 21:03:56 EDT

> That's exactly what they want you to think. You'd make a good slave. Meanwhile
> you are putting everyone else at risk by promoting DRM as a good or even
> workable solution. Which is why I'm pounding on your views.
> There is NOTHING good coming out from playing with DRM. Drop it all together
> and get on with life. It's that simple.
> It's like these Neo Nazi's. Someone could come up and say well they have been
> working so hard for so long, maybe we should just give them something so they
> don't give up!?
> NO, you don't give them anything.
    Although I disagree with the tone and delivery of this particular
post, I do agree with the underlying message. It seems that the vast
majority of people today lack the persistence to fight the bad things in
life. Too many people are way too ready to roll over and take it. In a
later post on this thread, Paul said, "I'm not sure a Paul Revere action
by us is going to be the thing that changes content distributors' minds
on DRM." But, that's not the point. The ethics and fine lines of what
is and is not theft and the throwing of the hands in the air at
injustice are symptoms of the same problem and that is lack of
principal. The fact is that most people know basics of right and wrong
and have their own personal convictions, but they are way too lazy to do
anything about it! It doesn't matter if what I do is going to change
anything in the big picture as long as my principals are not compramised
since even the smallest little influences will cause priceless ripples
on a smaller scale. If I use a racial slur in the comfort of my own
home and nobody is around to be offended by it, my 7-year-old son my
parrot me at school and get his little but kicked. Not cool! Just as
true, ir I have a guest that does so in my presence, and I don't do
anything about it, I have endorsed that behavior to the young,
impressionable mind just the same.
    Allow me to address a different tangent on this thread. Levi
mentioned the sex scene in Matrix Reloaded which Jason labeled
(superfluous), and I couldn't agree more! It's not even that I have all
that much problem with porn, but I don't want it sneaked in on me! I
don't make it a habit of watching explicit material, but if I were to
want to, I would set out to do it. I find smut especially offensive
when it is passed off as normal and healthy and good and right. That
scene did portray two people in a committed relationship, but that is
none of the business of the crowd at a theater either. George Lucas did
three movies consecutively that were compelling, exciting and complete
successes that also lacked swearing and sexuality. Yes, it could be
argued that they were violent, but they were devoid of gore. Those
things are the crutches for the uncreative, unartistic, and untalented.
  Lastly, there is nothing wrong with communism that is not also wrong
with capitalism, and that is human nature. As long as one person is
willing to take advantage of another to better himself, neither one will
be good. Plus, as time goes by, our country gets more communistic every
day. There are constantly new bills passed that will take my
hard-earned money away from me to give it to someone else who doesn't
deserve it. I'm not at all opposed to helping the less fortunate. In
fact, I love to be a blessing to others. But I want to decide who to
help with my assets. I don't want some committee somewhere taking half
of it as payment for deciding who should get the rest of it. It's still
the same problem. No, society will not work properly until there are no
crooked, lazy people left, and I don't think we will see that in any of
our lifetimes, so we may as well do the best that we can as individuals
and deal with the rest.


(Coming down from soap-box and dismounting high-horse. Thanks for your
patience, all.)
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