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From: steve szmidt (
Date: Tue Apr 25 2006 - 00:09:06 EDT

On Monday 24 April 2006 21:03, michael hast wrote:
>     Although I disagree with the tone and delivery of this particular
> post, I do agree with the underlying message.

Yes, and I'm willing to apologize to those offended. In this case I could see
that Robert for example might not be too keen on my delivery. Of which I
never had the intention of being sweet, but certainly not cruel.

As I had said the view is dangerous. I've lived in countries with very low
individual freedoms, and it is easy to get started on slippery slopes,
society wise, which is suicide for all.

Politial correctness often adds up to giving in to the weak who are not able
to meet the standard in society. Does not mean I'm against helping weak or
otherwise, which I personally do. (I'm a volunteer Guardian Ad Litem, who's
job it is to look after the interests of children under the protection of the
court.) But if the goal of society becomes the lowest common denominator,
then that society is a goner. As someone said, if you want to reach the tree
tops then you'd better hitch a ride on a star. Because that's how much it
takes to get that far.

What I like about the US is the freedom. The possiblities to accomplish
things. Now we got a selfish nut killing people all over for who knows what
reasons, and others using that as a reason to take away our personal
freedoms, which a lot of people died to give to us in the first place.

When I see views that says go ahead take some of our freedoms, I pounce on it,
not because of what I know or don't know about that person. But because the
viewpoint is on a very dangerous slippery slope with our freedom on it.

Well, I for one think that we (me) have used up all to much space with what is
more political than it probably should. It does show how much a number of us
feel about it. On the same note, I was brought up to not worry about what
people think of me. My weakness have never been not being able to do what
needs to be done regardless of "popular views".

It has at times meant that I step on toes, which I, as much as I do, don't do
with that as the goal. Rather it's unfortunate. So with that in mind. Anyone
who feels blisters due to my communications, please let me know if there's
any personal computer help I can give as a way of making up for it.

(It may be better done off list, though I'm fine with it either way.)

Something else I like to contribute is how to get a powerful computer for $350
from Dell.

It is a 2.8G P4 with 1M cache. 1G RAM, 800MHz front side bus. 10/100/100 NIC,
onboard video and sound, CD-ROM, keyboard. No windoze.

A client of mine brought over two of these for me to turn into firewalls. He
commented on how they were practically free and told me he paid $350 each for
them as naked servers (no O/S). I'll find out what model they are and


Steve Szmidt

"To enjoy the right of political self-government, men must be capable of personal self-government - the virtue of self-control. A people without decency cannot be secure in its liberty. From the Declaration Principles

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