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From: steve szmidt (
Date: Wed Apr 26 2006 - 15:59:45 EDT

On Wednesday 26 April 2006 11:19, Robert Snyder wrote:

> 1. You dont have to like drm and it may not be the solution for the record
> labels but stick to the fact the only way to buy music from the big record
> labels in the US is through some time of DRM. What illegal activities you
> like to do please keep to you self. This is not about drm but about choice.

I think it's a very valid point, indeed Linus has said something to the effect
that he does not care one way or the other about DRM. My concern is that when
you accept that nice new statue that the enemy left you outside the city
walls, you'll end up in a much worse situation. [Troy]

It's also easier for me to take my stand because I'm perfectly willing to not
buy DRM enabled music and movies.

But there's something else about DRM which is my real concern. I don't agree
that DRM is a good solution for the industry. Regardless of platform. If DRM
is implemented widely on windows, it is very likely hardware manufacturers
follows suit. It could have very dire effects on Linux, and your ability to
have any choice at all.

There's a quote by Benjamin Franklin; "They that can give up essential liberty
to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety."

In my eyes that's exactly what is going in in some of these discussions.

I agree on choice. But not at any price.

> 2. This is not about the choice of having drm in yoru music or not. This
> is about have the choice to have an application that can buy and play drm
> based music. This is not about having some killer application that deletes
> your mp3 files because it does not have drm.

Ah, but it's like you want the rats gone, so you let the snake in. Next thing
your cat is also dead. You may want it to be about one thing but...

> 3. This is also not a arguement over the fine ethical and legal line of
> stealing vs copy right infringement.

Yerah, which is really not even that fine.

> 4. What this orginal idea was about and still is about Giving the people
> the choice to choose to have a legit Online music service that supported
> linux. * Unfortnatley there is no legal way of avoiding drm with online
> services that sell RIAA record label music.

Well, this is not entirely really true. There are a number of artists, big and
small, that don't agree and offers music anyway. As in 1. above I have no
intention of ever buying DRM music. Maybe enough people will side with me and
as a market force stop it from being all encompassing. Or maybe not. Either
way my integrity is more important to me than my immediate life. (I have
walked out of well paying jobs when I discovered that we were supporting the
type of companies I don't want to support. As I said it's a matter of
personal integrity.)

Somehow I don't really expect DRM to completely take over. We'll see.


Steve Szmidt

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